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“ Ravis Academy truly helped me to achieve my ACT and SAT goals throughout my high school career. I am currently a freshman in college and I achieved a 1540, almost a 250 point improvement in my score due to the Academy’s helpful tutoring. Their group and one on one sessions made me feel as I was not being neglected. I would highly recommended Ravi’s Academy to any high school student looking to better their SAT, ACT or other significant tests. “
Kaundinya Ayalasomayajula, University of Miami
“ Ravi’s Academy provided a methodical approach for solving problems for Math Section. After every test, they debriefed the passages for reading that helped him reflect on where he went wrong. The feedback and tips they provided for continuous improvement was really amazing. Their approach and personalized attention helped him score 1580 in SAT in his first attempt. Special Thanks to Ravi’s Academy Team! “
Subrahmanyam Lanka, Farmington, CT
“ Our daughter has taken Ravi’s math classes throughout high school. It has helped her gain a better understanding of the concepts taught in school, has also served as enrichment and given her confidence, which is most important. Our daughter also took Ravi’s SAT prep class. She is now a freshman Cornell University. She is taking calc as part of premed requirements. So happy she has a solid foundation. Highly recommend all of Ravi’s classes. There are options for all students, those who are struggling and those in need of a challenge. “
Katty Quezada (Parent)
“ I would highly recommend Ravi's academy to anyone interested in SAT prep! Before enrolling, my son had already been scoring high on the SAT; however, he felt a bit uneasy about the reading section, and his scores for this section fluctuated a lot. After taking the placement test, Ravi recommended we take 1-on-1 classes to help sharpen his test-taking approaches. After a month of weekly 1-on-1 sessions, my son received high-quality pointers on how to strengthen the areas he felt uneasy about. This helped him score more consistently and confidently, allowing for 1580 on his first SAT attempt. “
Dhara Patel (Parent)
“ I joined Ravi's Academy at the start of my sophomore year. Ravi's SAT class was very helpful for me, as he taught us many test specific tips that greatly reduced the time it took me to answer questions and improved my score. The class is structured in a way that allows students to focus on their weaknesses. The teachers are all very talented and well-versed in their respective subjects. Moreover, they are all great at explaining why a certain answer is correct and the strategies needed to obtain that answer. While at Ravi's Academy, I saw my scores on the SAT and ACT increase dramatically. With his training, I was able to score highly, strengthening my college applications. I am now a student at Yale University. “
Shankara Abbineni, Yale University
“ I had a fantastic experience at Ravi's Academy. Ravi helped me improve my SAT score during the first months in my junior year, even with my busy schedule. In class, I learned lots from Ravi's high quality preparatory materials and thorough explanations. If needed, I was able to email him questions as well, which helped me immensely when I was reviewing past exams before the actual SAT exam. By the end of the course, I was able to raise my SAT score by 170 points, even achieving a perfect 800 in math with an overall score of 1590. I would strongly recommend Ravi's Academy. “
Maryum Faisal, New York
“ Ravi's Academy was incredibly helpful in my SAT and college experience. Working alongside Adam, Rajvi, and Ravi helped build my math and english skills. Being able to easily communicate my struggles and weak points allowed me to reinforce them through constant support and feedback. Furthermore, the essay help I received from Rajvi was amazing and insightful. I'm happy to say I scored a 1530 and am committed to the University of Rochester in its BS/MD program. “
Abhinav Chikoti, Farmington, CT
“ I loved the group classes I attended at Ravi's. Adam and Ravi were fantastic instructors that delivered personalized attentionn to their students even in a group setting. I am very satisfied with the 1550 I ended up submitting to Carnegie Mellon University, where I an currently enrolled in as a first-year math major! “
Tiffany Darmawan (Carnegie Mellon University)