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Distinctive Staff
Our teachers are not only highly qualified, but their life experiences make them valuable commodities in any field. We are composed of doctoral candidates, professors, authors, and accomplished editors–just to some of our backgrounds.
Ravi Bulusu, Founder and Lead Math Tutor
Ravi was always passionate about Math through his school and college. Occasionally, he would end up guiding his colleagues, cousins, and neighbors with their math problems. His passion for mathematics kept him going when he relocated to the US and start tutoring school students for Math and other subjects. Ravi's passion lies in crafting the best version of each student. He believes students need empathy and compassion on their journey of learning. This fundamental belief guides his choices for team members and pedagogy. Ravi invests in achieving academic excellence and creating career opportunities through SAT/ACT preparation. Ravi's real motivation lies in his students' success. As a professional, Ravi served as a software architect in a consulting company for more than 25 years. He completed his Masters in Technology from NIT Warangal, one of India's top colleges. He brings his experience-driven skills like situation and gap analysis, designing capability augmentation plans, and executing those in limited time.
Adam Duda, Lead English Trainer
Adam has been working with students both inside and outside of the classroom since 2000. Early on in his career, he enjoyed challenging roles as a teacher, coach, and tutor. Upon graduation from the University of Connecticut, Adam focused on academic tutoring for a variety of subjects. Over the years, he slowly gravitated to standardized test preparation and is now highly experienced. Adam prides himself on having a unique style that engages students by providing a comfortable, dynamic learning environment. He strives for and attains success by identifying and adapting to each student's learning style when presenting the material. Working with students to achieve academic excellence will always be a top priority and a passion of Adam's as he continues his teaching and learning journey.
Rajvi Merced, Lead English Trainer
Rajvi, a Rutgers alumni, has over a decade’s worth of test prep experience. She also has contributed content and helped edit numerous books on various topics under the Verbal umbrella for both SAT and ACT. She loves working with high school students and, as a seasoned test prep instructor, has many tips and techniques on how to combat any test. However, her expertise isn’t limited to test prep; as a literary narrative writer, she has helped many students gain admittance into their dream schools by editing their college essays and resumes.
Megan Caldwell, Lead English Trainer
Megan has been working as an English tutor since 2015, tutoring the verbal sections for the SAT and the verbal sections as well as the science section for the ACT. Her goal as a tutor is to help each student achieve his or her personal goals, whether that be a perfect score or a point increase. As a neuroscientist with degrees in developmental neuroscience (MS) and psychology (BSc), Megan prioritizes getting to know each student's learning style so she can tailor instructions to meet his or her needs. She has also contributed to SAT prep books, writing content and explanations as well as editing. Outside of tutoring, she is a full-time PhD student in neuroscience, studying the dopaminergic system.
Jawahar Josyula, Lead Math Trainer
Jawahar Josyula has been teaching Math for more than 15 years. Coaching students through Challenging material involves Math Counts, AMC, AIME and Calculus AB/BC, SAT/ACT and school/college level math courses. Worked with one-on-one and large groups of students. Engage the students and make lessons entertaining to hold interest and encourage learning. He completed his masters in Indian Institute of Technology, one of the prestigious universities in India.
Ritesh Kumar, AP Chemistry and Physics Trainer
Ritesh, with a doctoral degree in chemistry, comes with 18 years of teaching experience, and his love for physics and chemistry reflects in his teaching style and methodology. His students enjoy every session since most being very interactive. He continuously encourages them to express themselves and learn along. He teaches students globally across countries like the UK, Singapore, USA, Dubai, Oman, and European countries like Germany, Switzerland, and New Zealand, helping the students get the best of everything for their Careers ahead.